Bachelor in Hotel Management (BHM)

Students enrolled in this program earn a Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Hospitality Management. The program is designed to assist the student in his or her preparation for a rewarding career in the management of hospitality operations.

The aims and objectives of the program are:

  • To develop students’ critical thinking and to refine their analytical, problem-solving and decision-making skills.
  • To develop the managerial skills, abilities and competencies essential to all professional managers, with specific characteristics needed for managing hotels, restaurants and related operations.
  • To provide the diversified knowledge and broad and varied professional background required in the management and operation of the modern hotel.
  • To provide a broad understanding of the fundamental principles of the basic areas of business relating to the fundamentals of management within the hospitality industry.
  • To offer training within the hospitality industry providing students with the opportunity to integrate their academic skills with substantive work experience.
  • To instruct individuals in marketing and sales promotion strategies applicable to a wide variety of hospitality industry settings.
  • To provide students the academic, technical and intellectual background that would enable them to pursue higher studies in high-quality graduate and professional schools.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program of study, its graduates will:

  1. Apply the major concepts, skills and values of a hotel and lodging industry to address problems and critically analyze and evaluate contemporary issues within the areas of hotel management.
  2. Apply managerial skills, leadership abilities and competencies in the management of hospitality operations and human resources.
  3. Use marketing and sales promotion strategies applicable to a whole variety of hospitality industry settings.
  4. Recognize the scope and significance of outstanding guest service quality and its impact on the success of any hospitality operation.
  5. Apply financial reasoning and performance analysis to evaluate issues in the hotel industry.
  6. Acquire supervisory and managerial level training experience within the hospitality industry.
  7. Seek employment at senior level management positions or pursue further studies in related fields.

First Year – First Semester

S.U. Subjects Subject Code Credit Hr
1 Introduction to Hospitality & Tourism Management BHM 6154 3
2 Housekeeping Operation BHM 6011 4
3 Front Office Operation BHM 6012 4
4 Food & Beverage Service Skill BHM 6243 4
5 Fundamental of Computer in Hotel : Concept and Application BHM 101 4
6 English for Academics ENG 6003 3
Total 22

First Year – Second Semester 

S.U. Subjects Subject Code Credit Hr
7 Front Office Management BHM 6021 4
8 Housekeeping Management BHM 6022 4
9 Food Production Operations BHM 6314 4
10 Food & Beverage Service Management BHM 6244 4
11 Hospitality English ENG 6004 3
12 Fundamentals of Management BHM 6163 3
Total 22

Second Year – Third Semester

S.U. Subjects Subject Code Credit Hr
13 Food Science and Nutrition BHM 6301 4
14 Accounting for Hospitality BHM 6302 3
15 Food Production Management BHM 6316 4
16 Beverage Study BHM 6120 4
17 Hospitality HRM BHM 6193 3
18 Hotel French FRN 1001 3
Total 21

Second Year – Fourth Semester

S.U. Subjects Subject Code Credit Hr
19 Food and Catering Management BHM 6317 4
20 Introduction to Economics ECO 6701 3
21 Organizational Behavior BHM 6116 3
22 Entrepreneurship BHM 6123 3
2C Restaurant Business operation/ Analysis BHM 6254 4
24 Hospitality Service Marketing BHM 6111 3
Total 20

Third Year – Fifth Semester

S.U. Subjects Subject Code Credit Hr
25 Revenue Management BHM 6116 3
26 Purchasing and Cost Control BHM 6315 3
27 Statistics STAT 0001 3
28 Public Relation BHM 6118 3
2@ Hospitality Training and Development BHM 6121 3
C0 Hospitality Law BHM 6123 3
Total 18

Third Year – Sixth Semester

S.U. Subjects Subject Code Credit Hr
C1 Hotel Maintenance BHM 6801 4
C2 Event Management BHM 6433 4
CC Tourist Behavioral Science BHM 6457 3
C4 Research Methodology BHM 6118 3
Total 14

Fourth Year – Seventh & Eighth Semester

S.U. Subjects Subject Code Credit Hr
C5 Industrial Training/ Internship BHM 6916 24
C@ Internship Report BHM 6917 6
Total 30
Grand Total 147